Bells and Books

It’s not too long until Christmas!
Today the children made special advent calendars. Beginning tonight, the students will take one link off of their chain every night until Christmas Eve. When they teach the bell, the big day will be here.


Several weeks ago, our class won a school wide contest for reading the most pages in one week. Finally today we got the books we picked out as prizes! Some great reading ahead!


…And We’re Back!

Wow! Where did that first week of school go? The students were busy getting to know their new classmates and the new routines in our classroom. Here are some highlights.

Meeting our new iPads…


Building our reading stamina…


Learning to read a book all by ourselves…


And watching Mr. Silversides turn into Sid the Clown…


We’re looking forward to many more great weeks together.

Reader’s Theatre: The Videos

After lots of practice in our classroom, in other classrooms in our school and with other classes in Florida and Pennsylvania, we at last did our reader’s theatre for a video camera. Despite interruptions like ringing phones and announcements over the intercom, the students performed like troopers!

They are (and should be) very pleased with themselves for the way they did their parts.

Reading by Ourselves

As part of our reading program, we’ve been building our stamina in reading to ourselves. We know that to be good readers we have to spend a lot of time reading and we are reading to ourselves a few more minutes each day.

Just look at these children concentrate!