Mystery Number Skype

To help practice our numbers, we played a game of mystery number Skype with a K/1 class in Denver. We were both able to guess the other class’s number by asking great questions like “Is it more than…”, “Is it less than…” and “If we counted by 5’s would we say the number?” They asked some great questions that we are going to use on another Skype call next week.
We also had time to ask some questions. They wondered if it was snowing in Moose Jaw and we wondered why they only have eight students in their class.


Tweeting With Elise Gravel

We have a lot of Elise Gravel books in our classroom, and the students love them.

Yesterday, we used Elise Gravel’s book I Want a Monster to help us to draw monsters. The students were so pleased with their results that they wished they could show them to her. Because I know that Elise Gravel is on Twitter, I suggested that the students tweet her their pictures. So we did.

And to the student’s delight, right at the end of our school day, she tweeted every one of the students back! “Best end of the day ever” they all said.

All About Moose Jaw

Our class is part of the pilot project for a wonderful initiative called A Kid’s Guide to Canada. It’s about kids digitally telling the story of where they live for Canada’s 150th birthday next year. The students chose the important things in our community themselves, took many of the pictures, dictated the text and recorded their thoughts and opinions. It’s so interesting to see what six year olds think are the important parts of their lives.
This project will be open for all Canadian classes beginning in January.

Glimpses Into Our Classroom

Check out some of the things we’ve been up to this past week.

Wearing mustaches in support of Movember…

…learning about one and two more and less using a Bee-Bot…

…playing a game of Guess My Number with a first grade class in Texas…

…and reading our wonderful new books. Every year, the Children’s Book Centre donates a book to every grade one student in Canada. This year’s choice was Small Saul by Ashley Spires.

Mannequin Challenge

With Mannequin Challenge sweeping social media, some of my students decided to participate in #MannequinChallengeEDU. We practiced being mannequins in a lot of different ways and watched videos to see how others had done it.
I’m very proud of how well they did. Take the challenge! We want to see you do it, too!



When we were reading Lauren Castillo’s book The Troublemaker this week, we talked a lot about troublemakers and especially about people we knew who were troublemakers and whether we ourselves were. Siblings were often blamed, but most of the students admitted that sometimes they were indeed a troublemaker themselves.
Later, the students tweeted about who they thought were the biggest troublemakers so that other people could see the connections they made to the book. You can see each students’ tweet below.

The Global Read Aloud

Our class is participating in the Global Read Aloud. Together with thousands of other students around the world, we are reading five books by Lauren Castillo. When we talked to three classes of students in Illinois today, we not only discussed our favourite parts of the book The Troublemaker, we also found out that they are ahead of us in time! How cool is that?