Tweeting With Elise Gravel

We have a lot of Elise Gravel books in our classroom, and the students love them.

Yesterday, we used Elise Gravel’s book I Want a Monster to help us to draw monsters. The students were so pleased with their results that they wished they could show them to her. Because I know that Elise Gravel is on Twitter, I suggested that the students tweet her their pictures. So we did.

And to the student’s delight, right at the end of our school day, she tweeted every one of the students back! “Best end of the day ever” they all said.

At the Art Museum

Check out the fabulous time we had at the Art Museum creating a super-secret something out of clay, playing in the discovery centre and viewing some of the works of art that are currently on display.







Mannequin Challenge

With Mannequin Challenge sweeping social media, some of my students decided to participate in #MannequinChallengeEDU. We practiced being mannequins in a lot of different ways and watched videos to see how others had done it.
I’m very proud of how well they did. Take the challenge! We want to see you do it, too!

Another Trip to the Art Museum

Earlier this week we had a chance to visit the Art Museum again and see some of the works of Zachari Logan who likes to draw things from nature. One picture in particular was a drawing of himself with his hair made of leaves, animals, flowers, insects and other natural things. With the help of Christy, the students made some lovely rubbings and drawings of themselves with their hair also made up of natural things.






Daisy Field

For several days, the students worked hard on these artistic creations. We mixed paint and then painted the green background over several days before finally adding the daisies. The painting look so sophisticated
If you can’t make it into the school to see these works of art in person, you can see each child’s finished product on his or her blog.


Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 5.11.21 PM

Colours and Lines

We’ve talked a lot about the primary colours. This week we focused on the secondary colours and straight lines. After putting painter’s tape on our papers, we painted the left-over space. Once the paint was dry, we carefully pulled off the the tape. Masterpieces!