With all of the jars and bags of ladybugs that have been coming to school, we decided we needed to make a ladybug terrarium. This project was planned and created by the students. They gathered dirt, grass, leaves, sticks and of course lots of ladybugs. The terrarium is now in our classroom, providing lots of entertainment and hands on learning. Just ask your child what he/she has learned about ladybugs.







Andy the Musical Scientist

A special visitor was at our school this week. Andy combines his love of music with his love of science to create unusual musical instruments out of items such as a skateboard, a ruler or a hockey stick. The students were enthralled! Below you can see some of his performance. To see more of what he does, you can watch his YouTube video.

We’re Back!!

I have a brand new class of grade one students and we have been busy learning about each other and about our classroom. Take a peek at some of what we have been up to.

Trying out the new Lego wall…






Reading that Minecraft book…




And learning new math games.


This is going to be a great year!

Racing Sphero “Cars”

On the last day of school, each student used a paper cup to make his or her own “car”.


The cars were of lots of different makes and models. Some even included windshields.


Then the real fun began! The students used our Sphero robot to power the cars and raced the cars down a track they had created. Some cars couldn’t quite keep up with the speedy Sphero, but no one cared. As you can hear below, it was a lot of FUN.

We Are Readers!

This past year, the students recorded their reading in November, February and June using an app called Book Creator. The results of this are on their blogs, showing their developing reading prowess through the school year. One example is below. Check the others out on the students’ blogs and leave them a comment to tell them how clever they are.