This month, we are working on a geometry unit in math. The students already have several postings to show their learning. A few are posted below, but you can see each child’s artifacts on his or her blog.



Pheasant Eggs!

For the next twenty-one or so days our class is looking after thirty pheasant eggs. We’ll need to turn them regularly and keep them warm and moist. To the students, it seems like a long time to wait. I was asked a couple of times today if they had hatched yet.


My Pot of Gold

On St. Patrick’s Day, after reading a book about some things that were more important than a pot of gold, we discussed what our “pot of gold” would be. Later, the children tweeted about #mypotofgold. I have embedded the tweets below. You’ll have to click through to see the tweets from our class (they are at the end) as others saw our hashtag and got involved. I have deleted a few tweets that were not primary friendly.

We Were Wondering…

Have you ever wondered how many marshmallow shapes there are in a box of Lucky Charms? We did. So we counted and sorted them to find out.


The grade twos helped out with some very tricky double digit addition and we discovered that there were 457 marshmallow shapes in our box, but we speculated that not all boxes would have the same number.


Later, we painted shamrocks, but the best part was when we FINALLY found where that tricky leprechaun had been hiding his gold.



Emmy Again!

After working so diligently to help Emmy Barr with her business, the students wondered what she had won in the contest. So, when Emmy and her mom came to pick up the money from the caramel we had sold for her, we got to ask her. Besides the money, she got help with her finances, webpage and some time learning from other women business owners.


Emmy also showed us the giant cheque she had received…


…and of course we had to finish with more hugs.