My Pot of Gold

On St. Patrick’s Day, after reading a book about some things that were more important than a pot of gold, we discussed what our “pot of gold” would be. Later, the children tweeted about #mypotofgold. I have embedded the tweets below. You’ll have to click through to see the tweets from our class (they are at the end) as others saw our hashtag and got involved. I have deleted a few tweets that were not primary friendly.

We Were Wondering…

Have you ever wondered how many marshmallow shapes there are in a box of Lucky Charms? We did. So we counted and sorted them to find out.


The grade twos helped out with some very tricky double digit addition and we discovered that there were 457 marshmallow shapes in our box, but we speculated that not all boxes would have the same number.


Later, we painted shamrocks, but the best part was when we FINALLY found where that tricky leprechaun had been hiding his gold.



Emmy Again!

After working so diligently to help Emmy Barr with her business, the students wondered what she had won in the contest. So, when Emmy and her mom came to pick up the money from the caramel we had sold for her, we got to ask her. Besides the money, she got help with her finances, webpage and some time learning from other women business owners.


Emmy also showed us the giant cheque she had received…


…and of course we had to finish with more hugs.


Pie in the Face

Our school has been collecting money in support of Telemiracle, an annual telethon for the benefit of the Kinsmen Foundation. As the students brought in money, they got to put it into the container of the person they would like to see get a pie in the face.

Much to the delight of all the students, there were two “winners”, Mr. Orescanin and Mr. Paice.

FullSizeRender (10)

FullSizeRender (11)

First Nations Learning

For the past few weeks, we have been learning about the First Nations people. The students have all completed a digital book about their learning and posted it on their blogs. Check out what they have learned!

The Science Centre Visits Us

We didn’t have to go to the Science Centre…they came to see us! We got to see and do lots of cool science things, including using our sense of taste,


using our sense of smell


and finding out how the world looks to animals.




Did you know that an elephant has to look sideways to see what is in front of it? Or that a dog sees Colours differently than we do?

Emmy (and Us!) on Global TV

One of the students who sees the news on TV at home had the idea that we could also help Emmy by contacting Global News. They interviewed Emmy and came to our school to see us as well. Here is Global’s report.

This is what it looked like when they were interviewing us…


They also let us try out their microphone…


And see what their special camera could do.


You can vote for Emmy until February 17th.