The Science Centre Visits Us

We didn’t have to go to the Science Centre…they came to see us! We got to see and do lots of cool science things, including using our sense of taste,


using our sense of smell


and finding out how the world looks to animals.




Did you know that an elephant has to look sideways to see what is in front of it? Or that a dog sees Colours differently than we do?

Emmy (and Us!) on Global TV

One of the students who sees the news on TV at home had the idea that we could also help Emmy by contacting Global News. They interviewed Emmy and came to our school to see us as well. Here is Global’s report.

This is what it looked like when they were interviewing us…


They also let us try out their microphone…


And see what their special camera could do.


You can vote for Emmy until February 17th.

Meeting Emmy

Today we got to meet Emmy Barr! She came to our classroom and told us about what school was like for her and about making caramel. She even told us some of the ingredients in her grandma’s super secret caramel recipe. And she brought treats! Each of the children got a piece of caramel, a caramel covered apple and, to make sure those treats didn’t hurt their teeth, a toothbrush!


Before Emmy left, she gots lots of good by hugs from a class of happy children.


Emmy on the Radio!

Our quest to help Emmy Barr with her caramel business has continued. Last Friday, the students pitched the story of Emmy to Moose Jaw’s radio station, CHAB. Yesterday, the station interviewed her. A recording of that story is below. (Including a few student sounds as that story played just as the students were coming in.)

The students were so excited that they decided to pitch the story to CBC radio. CBC used the students’ pitch as the introduction to the story this morning. A recording of that interview is below.

Please help us to help Emmy by voting for her here.

Helping Emmy

Our class has become enthralled with supporting Emmy Barr, a young person with Williams Syndrome, in her quest to improve her caramel business. If you would like to help us to support Emmy, you can vote for her here every day until February 17th.

This is Emmy’s video.

The students first used a QR code to navigate to the website, and then made a bookmark so that they could easily go back to the webpage each day.


The students composed an email to the other teachers in the school to ask for their support, and then borrowed iPads from other classes to vote on. Those devices as well.

Today, they planned and made posters and put them up around the school to encourage the older students who have cell phones to vote as well.




The Winter Carnival

The Winter Carnival was a special activity that involved all of the children in the school grouped into multi grade teams. The teams moved through eight stations with enticing activities at each stop. Since Mrs Cassidy was in charge of the “Decorate a Cupcake to Look like a Snowman” station, that is the only station that we have pictures for, but the students assured me that they enjoyed all of the stations. Clearly the cupcakes were engrossing!





Making Bannock

Photo by Allie.

This week we made bannock. Watch the students’ blogs for their directions to appear as they finish their writing and editing. Below you can see some of the students hard at work.