Practicing Math

One of the ways we practice math concepts is by playing math games. These games help to reinforce concepts and stretch the students’ math thinking.

Whether it is subitizing (the ability to know, without counting, the number of objects in a familiar grouping)…


…or counting on from numbers…



… it’s always more fun if it is part of a game.

Making Shapes

This week we made paintings that took us several days to complete. First we used painter’s tape to make shapes. Then, we painted those shapes different colours.



When they were dry, we pulled off the tape. I heard shouts of delight all over the classroom as the students revealed their gorgeous paintings.


Each student’s painting is on his or her blog, but here is one final product as a teaser.


Mystery Number Skype

We’ve been having weekly Skype calls with Ms Lirenman’s class in Surry, BC to play “Guess Our Mystery Number” and to improve our sense of numeracy. We’ve been slowly building up to larger numbers. This week we used the numbers up to forty. This is what it looked like during the call as Ms Lirenman’s class tried to guess our number (you can see it taped on the calendar in the top right of the picture).


And then we tried to guess their number. You can see that we were getting very close.



Here are some of the Halloween moments from our classroom.

The day before, we talked to Ms. Lirenman’s class on Skype. Each student in both classes acted out their Halloween costume to see if the other class could guess who they were. Some of the costumes were tricky!


We read…


We had a mystery number Skype call with a class in Florida…


And best of all we had snacks.



So Much Learning

The students have been learning and posting about a lot things they know already this year. Be sure to check out what they know about the “or” sound. An example is below.

A Fire Truck Up Close

There was no fire, but a fire truck came to Westmount School and the students all had a look. Mrs. Cassidy was away when the truck came, so some of the students took their iPads outside to take photos. These images are posted with the permission of the photographers.

photo (23)Photo by Allie

photo (22)Photo by Elyzsa

photo (21) Photo by Mrs. Tolley

A Surprise

Today we found a surprise on our door. Someone had written encouraging notes to everyone in the class. We don’t know who they were from, but we want to say, “thank you!”


Moon Rocks

This week, we had a Skype call with a class of grade seven students in New Hampshire. They showed us rocks from the moon that they had in their classroom for a week and told us about how all four types of rocks were formed. The rocks were smaller than the students guessed they would be–they were only one centimeter long. The students had also guessed that the teacher in New Hampshire had been to the moon to get the rocks, but discovered that an astronaut had picked them up.


School Food Drive

This week we helped out with the food drive at Westmount.

Counting the items we brought for the food bank (in groups of ten)…


Taking the food bank items outside…


All the collected food…


Our school collected over 800 pounds of food!