Lego Challenge

What could you make from 20 pieces of Lego? That was the challenge for the children. Each child received a bag with 20 assorted Lego pieces. No two bags were the same and the challenge was to create something from only those pieces. Children who had hoped to make a car or a house had to reconsider when they took their pieces out of their bags. They all rose to the challenge, though, and created something unique to describe to their classmates.

Here are some of the students hard at work…


And here are some of the finished products…


Releasing the Butterflies

For ten days we watched our caterpillars grow and grow. We watched them each make a chrysalis and then we waited ten more days. Finally we watched them emerge–as butterflies! Today we let the butterflies go in the schoolyard. A few lucky students had a butterfly land near them.



Pheasant Memories

While we had the pheasant eggs and the baby pheasants, the students were able to take pictures with their iPads to create memories of that special time. Last week, the students made those pictures into a story and then used the pages of that story to make a video. They also each chose their own background music for the video. (It’s interesting to see the music choices each student made!) Check out the video below and the others on the individual student blogs on the right.

Baby Pheasants

After weeks of faithfully turning the pheasant eggs in our classroom, the long anticipated hatch finally began to happen. On Thursday we saw that two eggs had a tiny peck hole and when the students arrived on Friday, they were greeted by three chicks that had been born the night before. While it was interesting to inspect the not yet hatched eggs and the empty egg shells, the high point of the day was definitely watching and holding the new babies.





The whole school got to watch as students from all of the classes took part in raising two tipis by our playground. They also got to watch a First Nation dancer and to hear a drum. It was a great opportunity for the students.

20140515-195842.jpg Photo by Dan Orescanin