This week we read and looked at the pictures in several books with snowy themes. We took notice of the colours that the artists used. Then, it was our turn. We mixed and swirled paint to make it look like snow, squeezed glue all over it and then sprinkled Epsom Salt on TOP to make it sparkle. Come see them all in the hallway by our classroom!



Operation Christmas Child

This week the shoe boxes that our school filled for Operation Christmas Child needed to be sent away. To help get the boxes out of the school and into the waiting transportation, all of the students made a human chain from the room they were stored to the waiting vehicle. I was away, but Mrs. Tolley knows we like to document what happens in our classroom, so she took this video for us.


Trying the Ozobot

The latest robot to enter our classroom is the Ozobot. This robot is programmed by using black lines and various colour combinations. The students all tried their hand at creating paths for the Ozobot to follow. Once the designs were made, it was time to check to see if Ozobot would follow the path they had created. Sometimes, a redesign was needed. Check out some of the creative paths the students designed!




This week I introduced my students to Epic! Epic! is an application with over 10,000 high quality books that students can read or hear read to them. The best part is that the students can choose their book preferences ahead of time so that books that are of interest to them appear on their book shelves. Some students prefer to read paper books, but for those that prefer digital, Epic! is a great option.




Making Comics

This week, as part of the Global Read Aloud, we read Exclamation Mark. We talked about when we use exclamation marks and then the students all used an app called Book Creator to make a very short comic. All of the comics have exclamation marks! You can see each student’s creation on their blog. Here are a couple to tantalize you.