Another Trip to the Art Museum

Earlier this week we had a chance to visit the Art Museum again and see some of the works of Zachari Logan who likes to draw things from nature. One picture in particular was a drawing of himself with his hair made of leaves, animals, flowers, insects and other natural things. With the help of Christy, the students made some lovely rubbings and drawings of themselves with their hair also made up of natural things.






The Eggs Arrived!

After what seemed like a very long wait, the pheasant eggs arrived for our incubator. For the next 23 days we will stand in for a mother pheasant, keeping the incubator warm and moist and turning the eggs several times each day. The x’s and o’s on the eggs are to help us be sure we turn all of the eggs each time.


A Bird, A Bus and the A Sound

This week we have been learning the different ways to make an “a” say its name. We did a word sort and made lists and drew pictures.


Then, we made videos to show how much we had learned. Check the students’ blogs to see these creations about The A Sound. These girls were able to (mostly) work on this project despite being squished together.


At the literacy evening this week, the students got a chance to see and touch a peregrine falcon, thanks to Larry Going who was good enough to bring his in for us.


Interestingly, this bus also appeared in our classroom one day while the students were working…


Daisy Field

For several days, the students worked hard on these artistic creations. We mixed paint and then painted the green background over several days before finally adding the daisies. The painting look so sophisticated
If you can’t make it into the school to see these works of art in person, you can see each child’s finished product on his or her blog.


Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 5.11.21 PM

Writing Directions

We have been working on procedural or “how to do something” writing. Each student chose to write how to do something that he or she knew how to do well. These ranged from how to make chocolate chip cookies to how to make a friend. Check out the students blogs to see their descriptions.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 11.17.46 AM

Going Bald for Books

Several weeks ago, Mr. Paice and Mr. Silversides promised to allow the students to shave their heads if the students purchased 400 or more books at the Book Fair. More than 500 books were actually purchased, so one student from each class got to help shave a head. The energy in the gym during this popular event was incredible.
Well done students AND Mr. Paice and Mr. Silversides.