Making Bannock

Photo by Allie.

This week we made bannock. Watch the students’ blogs for their directions to appear as they finish their writing and editing. Below you can see some of the students hard at work.



Avatars and Secret Comments

This week we created our first avatars using the iPad app Telegami. We used those avatars to represent us as we showed off our reading fluency. You can hear us (and see our chosen avatars) on our blogs.


We also talked about the comments we have received and about what makes a good comment. Then, we drew names and made a secret comment for a friend in our classroom. On Monday, we will get to read the comments that others made for us. Although a few of the secret friends did leak out, we tried really hard to not let anyone see what we were doing.


Animal Projects

For the past few weeks, the students have been researching and writing about an animal of their choice as part of a unit of Inquiry. You can find each child’s final project on their blog. Below is one example to tempt you to read further.

Decorating Christmas Trees

What if you had three Christmas trees and a lot of decorations? How would YOU divide the ornaments between the trees? The students all solved this problem in different ways. Check their blogs for their solutions. (We were inspired to solve this problem by other classes talking about this on Twitter.)