Kim Cooper Skyped into our classroom today to help the students learn to hear rhymes in text. She read a rhyming book and asked the students to tell her the words on each page that rhymed. It was tricky, but the students got better at hearing the rhymes as the book progressed.


Geometric Shapes

Lots of geometry learning has been happening in our classroom lately.
First, playing Guess My Shape with a classmate…


Then the same game with 3D shapes…


And today, we played the game with Ms Lirenman’s class via Skype.


Lots of great conversations using terms like curved, flat, edges and corners.

A Video for Dublin

A little while ago, I received an email from a teacher of six and seven year olds in Dublin, Ireland. Her class had seen our blog and wondered lots of things about us. Her email included a list of questions that the students had for my children.

This video is the students’ responses to those questions and includes some of the things that our class wondered as well.