Moon Rocks

This week, we had a Skype call with a class of grade seven students in New Hampshire. They showed us rocks from the moon that they had in their classroom for a week and told us about how all four types of rocks were formed. The rocks were smaller than the students guessed they would be–they were only one centimeter long. The students had also guessed that the teacher in New Hampshire had been to the moon to get the rocks, but discovered that an astronaut had picked them up.


School Food Drive

This week we helped out with the food drive at Westmount.

Counting the items we brought for the food bank (in groups of ten)…


Taking the food bank items outside…


All the collected food…


Our school collected over 800 pounds of food!


Stone Soup

This week we read several versions of the book Sone Soup to compare them. The students were intrigued, so we made our own version. Just as in the stories, it was fit for a king!


Fish Tail Bracelets

Our patterning activity today was making bracelets out of elastics. The students were thrilled to be able to make something they loved as a class assignment.
This is what it looked like as the students got ready to make their bracelets.


And these are some of the finished products.


We Did It!

Since the beginning of the year, we have been working hard to build our stamina during Read to Self. Our goal was to be able to read independently for at least 25 minutes. We knew that if we could do that for three days in a row, that we had built that stamina. This week, WE DID IT!
This graph shows how many minutes we were able to do each day.


And this is what it looks like in our classroom when we are reading. The students get to choose where they sit.


I am beyond proud of how hard they have all worked to get here.

PJ Day

Friday was PJ Day at Westmount and the students brought their favourite nighttime stuffed animal as well. What do you do when you are wearing PJ’s? You nap, of course! At the request of almost all of the students we had a short nap time in celebration of this special day.



This week, on the first day of fall, we drew a line on the Tarmac to show where the shadow from the school was at lunchtime. We wonder of the shadow will be in the same place all year…