The 100th Day

We’ve been working in our classroom for 100 days. Today it was time to celebrate by reading 100 books,


making books about 100


putting together puzzles with 100 pieces


and counting and eating 100 snacks!



Watch Us Read!

This is one of my favourite times of the school year, as students begin to realize that they can read themselves all or at least part of those library books they have been signing out for their parents to read to them. It’s so exciting for me as a teacher and for the students as well.




The 2016 Snow Clothes Challenge

For the last several years, my class has been challenging themselves (and anyone else who wants to try) to see how fast they can put on their snow clothes. It always amazes me the way my students, who normally take at least 10 minutes to all get ready, turn on the speed when they see a camera.
Are you fast at putting on your snow clothes? Check out our video below, make one of your own and let us know where we can see it! You can also add your video to this padlet.
The challenge is on!

Programming the Bee-Bot

Look at us learning to code our Bee-Bot! The students worked in groups to lay out a sequence of commands that would get the robot to a pre-determined square. Look to see all the different ways the groups of children tried to get the Bee-Bot to the same place. There was lots of trial and error learning and eventually the students discovered that there were many ways to accomplish the same task.



Skyping with Pittsburgh

Today we got to chat with some students in a school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There were lots of things that were different where they live, but we thought of lots of things that were the same as us as well! They were studying Canada, so they had questions first…


and then it was our turn…


Nothing like kids learning from other kids.

Flashlight Friday

Have you ever noticed that doing anything in the dark makes it suddenly much more interesting? That is the thinking behind Flashlight Friday, our now once per week special activity. We spent a couple of minutes seeing how cool our lights looked on the ceiling and shining on our friends, then it was back to the books. Try it yourself sometime!