…And We’re Back!

Wow! Where did that first week of school go? The students were busy getting to know their new classmates and the new routines in our classroom. Here are some highlights.

Meeting our new iPads…


Building our reading stamina…


Learning to read a book all by ourselves…


And watching Mr. Silversides turn into Sid the Clown…


We’re looking forward to many more great weeks together.

2 thoughts on “…And We’re Back!

  1. Hello Mrs. Cassidy,
    It is always wonderful to read your blogs and see what your students are doing! They are so lucky to have a class set of iPads! This year I got a grant for the first SmartBoard at our school! I am so excited! There will be lots for ME to learn as well as the students!
    Have a great year!
    🙂 Mrs. Boekhout

  2. How exciting! I think it is great when teachers are learning along with their students. And yes, we certainly are lucky to have our iPads.

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