This week I introduced my students to Epic! Epic! is an application with over 10,000 high quality books that students can read or hear read to them. The best part is that the students can choose their book preferences ahead of time so that books that are of interest to them appear on their book shelves. Some students prefer to read paper books, but for those that prefer digital, Epic! is a great option.




We Did It!

Since the beginning of the year, we have been working hard to build our stamina during Read to Self. Our goal was to be able to read independently for at least 25 minutes. We knew that if we could do that for three days in a row, that we had built that stamina. This week, WE DID IT!
This graph shows how many minutes we were able to do each day.


And this is what it looks like in our classroom when we are reading. The students get to choose where they sit.


I am beyond proud of how hard they have all worked to get here.

Reading by Flashlight

This week, Moose Jaw is Reading Town Canada! Classes all over Moose Jaw are dropping everything and reading. Other special activities are happening around the city as well.

In our classroom, we already read every day, but to make this week special, we are reading by flashlight on a couple of occasions and beginning next week, we will have a regular “Flashlight Friday” reading time. This is what it looked like earlier this week.