Reader’s Theatre: The Videos

After lots of practice in our classroom, in other classrooms in our school and with other classes in Florida and Pennsylvania, we at last did our reader’s theatre for a video camera. Despite interruptions like ringing phones and announcements over the intercom, the students performed like troopers!

They are (and should be) very pleased with themselves for the way they did their parts.

Practicing Reader’s Theatre

This week we have been working on our reading fluency (reading smoothly and with expression) using Reader’s Theatre. Reader’s Theatre is stories that are written as scripts as they would be in a play. One or more narrators usually reads the parts that are not a character’s speech. All of the students have been busy practicing their ability to read their part fluently by themselves and in small groups. Here is some of what it has looked like in our classroom this week.

Reading My Reader's Theatre Script

Practicing for Reader's Theatre

Reading Reader's Theatre

Reader's Theatre