Other Classrooms Give Us A Tour

This week, two other classes who saw our classroom tour video sent us videos of their classroom.

First, we received this video from a French Immersion class in St. Catherines, Ontario.

We loved trying to figure out what they were saying. We heard a few words that we knew!

Another class, in Williston, Vermont made this tour for us.

We talked to this class in Williston on Skype today and found out that they have a LOT of things in common with our class.

More Snow Clothes Challengers

Two more groups have participated in our snow clothes challenge. We love all these videos!

A group of college students took our challenge and were very fast, but my students were quick to point out that they did not have to put on ski pants, a very time-consuming part of getting dressed.

A class from the eastern United States also sent us a video.