New This Week

A couple of new things in our classroom this week.
Playing the equal/not equal game…

…and working in our “offices”.


Mystery Number Skype

To help practice our numbers, we played a game of mystery number Skype with a K/1 class in Denver. We were both able to guess the other class’s number by asking great questions like “Is it more than…”, “Is it less than…” and “If we counted by 5’s would we say the number?” They asked some great questions that we are going to use on another Skype call next week.
We also had time to ask some questions. They wondered if it was snowing in Moose Jaw and we wondered why they only have eight students in their class.


Math Games

Playing games is such a great way to learn math concepts. Here are pictures from a couple of games we have played recently. Ask your child to explain how we play these games…




Solving Christmas Problems

What if you had three Christmas trees and twelve decorations? How would you divide them between the trees? The students set out to solve this problem. One possible solution is below, but the students each had their own idea of how this should look. Check their blogs on the right hand side to see their solutions.


Creepy Characters!

Just look at the strange children that showed up in my classroom on Halloween! We had a lot of fun learning about counting by 10’s as we counted the seeds in our pumpkins with ten frames.





Telling Addition Stories

Over the past few days we have been learning to tell stories about addition. Today we told more stories and then began writing those stories the way mathematicians do.


Later, we told and wrote stories with partners.