Guess Our Number!

Our class has been playing Guess Our Number with Mr. Greg’s class in Vietnam via Twitter. Every day, we have been asking questions that can be answered with a yes or no answer to try to narrow down what the other class’s number is.


Today they guessed our number and we think we know what their number is too!


My Pot of Gold

On St. Patrick’s Day, after reading a book about some things that were more important than a pot of gold, we discussed what our “pot of gold” would be. Later, the children tweeted about #mypotofgold. I have embedded the tweets below. You’ll have to click through to see the tweets from our class (they are at the end) as others saw our hashtag and got involved. I have deleted a few tweets that were not primary friendly.

Learning with Twitter

This week, we helped out a class in Ohio who wanted to know what what people in other countries ate for lunch. We took pictures of our lunches and tweeted them to Ms Frazier’s class, who then put the pictures into their Voicethread.

We also used Twitter to pretend we were one of the characters in Little Red Riding Hood, and to tweet using that character’s “voice”. What would the wolf, or the huntsman, or the grandma say? Can you tell which character we were in the tweets below?

Guess My Number

Our class is playing a game of Guess My Number with a class in Milan, Italy. Because we can’t use Skype (they are finished school for the day before we start), we are asking questions and answering them on Twitter. If you are on Twitter, can watch our game by searching for the hashtag #guessmynumber.
We are getting better at asking “fat” or “juicy” questions that help us to cross off several numbers at once.