Introducing…A Class From Germany

Last week we posted a video tour of our classroom. Below is a video that was made for us by Mrs. Schmidt’s Owl class in Burbach, Germany to show us what their classroom looked like. (Actually, Mrs. Schmidt’s class made their video before Christmas. She and I had discussed doing this and they were so keen that they did it right away.) We think they speak English very well!

One thought on “Introducing…A Class From Germany

  1. Dear kids and Mrs. Cassidy,

    we are so happy to have new friends in Canada and we’d love to hear, see and read more from you. You have a lovely classroom.

    What are your favorite subjects. Which pets do yo have? What are your hobbies? We have lots of questions about you.

    Maybe we could do a survey to learn more about each other? What do you think?

    Greeting from Germany,
    owlmum and owlkids

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