Christmas Fun

Over the last days before our Christmas break, we had a lot of fun doing special Christmas activities. We got to shop at the “Christmas Store” in the gym, choosing special gifts with the help of our big buddies…
Choosing Gifts
Choosing Gifts

…and then getting them wrapped by the helpers who donated their time.
Wrapping Gifts

Finally, they were all ready for us to take home.
See All the Presents We Bought

We also hand-made our Christmas cards…
Making Christmas Cards

and made special wrapping for our clay gifts…
Handmade and Wrapped Gifts

We decorated Christmas cookies…
Decorating Cookies

and made a cooperative mural.
Mural Making

The highlight, though, was the Christmas concert.
Christmas Concert Ready!

Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday from all of us.

Letters to Santa


It’s the time of year that we need to let Santa know we are thinking of him. Together we decided that when we wrote to Santa we needed to thank him for last year’s gift, say something nice and then tell him what we were hoping to get this year. The students worked very hard on this; it’s an important document to get right. We mailed the letters to Santa, but first we took a picture of them so that you could see them on their blogs. Be sure to check to see their heart’s desires and their developing skills.


Creepy Characters!

Just look at the strange children that showed up in my classroom on Halloween! We had a lot of fun learning about counting by 10’s as we counted the seeds in our pumpkins with ten frames.





See Our Santas!

This month, we made a trip to the Art Museum to work with clay. After the clay was fired, we painted and glazed it, then added ribbon as a finishing touch. These wonderful Santa ornaments are the result.

Thank you Mrs. Tolley for taking the pictures and helping the students to finish!


FullSizeRender (1)

Celebrating Hanukkah

This week we are learning about celebrations. We’ve discovered that some of our celebrations are the same as others in our class and some are different. After we read a story about Hanukkah (which NONE of us celebrate), we tried potato pancakes. Almost all of the students gave them a thumbs up.


Later, we Skyped with Ms Lirenman’s class in Surrey who taught us a lot about Hanukkah, including the dreidel.


They lit a menorah for us to see. We wondered why the candle flame looked like this. Do you know?