More First Nation Learning

This week our class has been exploring some First Nation artifacts.

Investigating First Nations Artifacts


Playing with First Nation Artifacts

We also watched a Discovery Education Live Stream from a First Nations classroom in northern Saskatchewan. While we watched, the students tweeted questions and observations that they had. Some other classes were tweeting about what they saw and wondered at the same time. Because we were all using the same hashtag, we were able to put all of the classrooms’ tweets together in a Storify.

Virtually Visiting a First Nations School

Our One Hundredth Day of School

As you can see by the pictures below, our one hundredth day was a busy one. We answered most of the questions the students had and a few more that they thought of throughout the day.

One Hundred Day

One Hundred Day

As the students were working, they tweeted out each “story” of one hundred using the hash tag #100storiesof100″ (the students actually made that hash tag up themselves). We knew we wouldn’t be able to get one hundred tweets from just our class, but with the help of our friends in other classes who were also celebrating the one hundredth day of school this week, we were actually able to collect 112 student tweets. I have put these tweets (minus retweets and teacher organizational tweets) into a Storify.

The students were excited to get 100 tweets and poured over the tweets during their independent reading time. There is nothing like meaningful text to inspire children to read! Here are a couple of sample tweets from the day.