Making Comics

This week, as part of the Global Read Aloud, we read Exclamation Mark. We talked about when we use exclamation marks and then the students all used an app called Book Creator to make a very short comic. All of the comics have exclamation marks! You can see each student’s creation on their blog. Here are a couple to tantalize you.

Making Phones

We are getting ready to practice our French sentences on telephones, so of course we had to make our own cell phones. Students chose their own materials to create their phones. And great looking phones they are!





Bicycle Safety


Thanks to Constable Kent Westrom, we all know a lot more about how to be safe on our bikes. The students each chose their own way to show what they had learned. The following student creations are examples of the most popular iPad app choices. Check each student’s blog for the way he or she chose to express him/herself.

Pic Collage for Kids




Book Creator

My Pot of Gold

On St. Patrick’s Day, after reading a book about some things that were more important than a pot of gold, we discussed what our “pot of gold” would be. Later, the children tweeted about #mypotofgold. I have embedded the tweets below. You’ll have to click through to see the tweets from our class (they are at the end) as others saw our hashtag and got involved. I have deleted a few tweets that were not primary friendly.

Avatars and Secret Comments

This week we created our first avatars using the iPad app Telegami. We used those avatars to represent us as we showed off our reading fluency. You can hear us (and see our chosen avatars) on our blogs.


We also talked about the comments we have received and about what makes a good comment. Then, we drew names and made a secret comment for a friend in our classroom. On Monday, we will get to read the comments that others made for us. Although a few of the secret friends did leak out, we tried really hard to not let anyone see what we were doing.


So Much Learning

The students have been learning and posting about a lot things they know already this year. Be sure to check out what they know about the “or” sound. An example is below.