Fish Tail Bracelets

Our patterning activity today was making bracelets out of elastics. The students were thrilled to be able to make something they loved as a class assignment.
This is what it looked like as the students got ready to make their bracelets.


And these are some of the finished products.


Lego Challenge

What could you make from 20 pieces of Lego? That was the challenge for the children. Each child received a bag with 20 assorted Lego pieces. No two bags were the same and the challenge was to create something from only those pieces. Children who had hoped to make a car or a house had to reconsider when they took their pieces out of their bags. They all rose to the challenge, though, and created something unique to describe to their classmates.

Here are some of the students hard at work…


And here are some of the finished products…


Pheasant Memories

While we had the pheasant eggs and the baby pheasants, the students were able to take pictures with their iPads to create memories of that special time. Last week, the students made those pictures into a story and then used the pages of that story to make a video. They also each chose their own background music for the video. (It’s interesting to see the music choices each student made!) Check out the video below and the others on the individual student blogs on the right.

Helping a School in Africa

The Generosity Club at our school is leading the way in raising enough money to build a school in Kenya. After months of hard work, we are almost there! This weekend we had a garage and craft sale in the school gym to try to raise money to finish it off. Our class contributed these gorgeous frames and pictures of cherry blossoms. (If you just want to use the frame, that is OK as well.) If you missed your opportunity purchase one of these limited items, there are still some available. They are all signed by the artist. What a deal!


How to Make Pancakes

Last week as we made the pancakes together, the students took pictures of each step and then wrote about what we had done using their iPads. We used Explain Everything, a new app to the students. Check their individual blogs on the right hand side to see each one’s creation.

Bells and Books

It’s not too long until Christmas!
Today the children made special advent calendars. Beginning tonight, the students will take one link off of their chain every night until Christmas Eve. When they teach the bell, the big day will be here.


Several weeks ago, our class won a school wide contest for reading the most pages in one week. Finally today we got the books we picked out as prizes! Some great reading ahead!