So Much Learning

The students have been learning and posting about a lot things they know already this year. Be sure to check out what they know about the “or” sound. An example is below.

2 thoughts on “So Much Learning

  1. Hi- I love all of your ideas! I just tried this and the videos won’t upload to easyblogger or youtube. I was wondering how you got your video to upload from Draw and Tell. I can hear the video but the picture doesn’t show up with it. Thanks!

    • My students save their Draw and Tell movie to the camera roll and from there put it directly into our Edublogs app. The app creates the html code for us.
      I’m not exactly sure whether you got your video online or not, but here are some possible solutions to your problem. Did you use the “picture” choice for making a Draw & Tell movie? Did you save the video to the camera roll from Draw and Tell? If it is there, it should be an easy upload to Easyblogger. If not, that would be a question for the Easy Blogger people. I have never tried putting a Draw and Tell movie on YouTube, so I don’t know how that would work. It is possible that it is a browser issue. I am not able to see the videos at all using the Internet Explorer version on our school computers, but they work well on Chrome, Safari and newer versions of IE. I hope this helps.

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