New Year, New Students, New Learning

We’ve just finished our whirlwind first four days of school. So much excitement getting to know our new friends and learning routines. The first weeks of school are always exhausting ones for the students (and their teacher!) as they adjust to full days of school. My new students were up to the challenge, though. Just look at the eager learners below.








This month, we are working on a geometry unit in math. The students already have several postings to show their learning. A few are posted below, but you can see each child’s artifacts on his or her blog.



Decorating Christmas Trees

What if you had three Christmas trees and a lot of decorations? How would YOU divide the ornaments between the trees? The students all solved this problem in different ways. Check their blogs for their solutions. (We were inspired to solve this problem by other classes talking about this on Twitter.)

Practicing Math

One of the ways we practice math concepts is by playing math games. These games help to reinforce concepts and stretch the students’ math thinking.

Whether it is subitizing (the ability to know, without counting, the number of objects in a familiar grouping)…


…or counting on from numbers…



… it’s always more fun if it is part of a game.

Mystery Number Skype

We’ve been having weekly Skype calls with Ms Lirenman’s class in Surry, BC to play “Guess Our Mystery Number” and to improve our sense of numeracy. We’ve been slowly building up to larger numbers. This week we used the numbers up to forty. This is what it looked like during the call as Ms Lirenman’s class tried to guess our number (you can see it taped on the calendar in the top right of the picture).


And then we tried to guess their number. You can see that we were getting very close.