This month, we are working on a geometry unit in math. The students already have several postings to show their learning. A few are posted below, but you can see each child’s artifacts on his or her blog.



Making Shapes

This week we made paintings that took us several days to complete. First we used painter’s tape to make shapes. Then, we painted those shapes different colours.



When they were dry, we pulled off the tape. I heard shouts of delight all over the classroom as the students revealed their gorgeous paintings.


Each student’s painting is on his or her blog, but here is one final product as a teaser.


Geometric Shapes

Lots of geometry learning has been happening in our classroom lately.
First, playing Guess My Shape with a classmate…


Then the same game with 3D shapes…


And today, we played the game with Ms Lirenman’s class via Skype.


Lots of great conversations using terms like curved, flat, edges and corners.

Looking for Shapes

This week we have been documenting the 2D and 3D shapes we have found in our classroom and around the school. You can find a record of each child’s learning about shapes on his or her blog. The student’s blog are all linked on the right hand side.

Taking Pictures of Shapes

Finding 3D Shapes

Taking pictures of Shapes