Making Shapes

This week we made paintings that took us several days to complete. First we used painter’s tape to make shapes. Then, we painted those shapes different colours.



When they were dry, we pulled off the tape. I heard shouts of delight all over the classroom as the students revealed their gorgeous paintings.


Each student’s painting is on his or her blog, but here is one final product as a teaser.


Painting With Water Colours

The students always look forward to what we will see and do at the Art Museum and this trip was no exception. We had a wonderful time looking at and comparing paintings by artists from Saskatchewan, Ontario and Newfoundland. Then, it was into the hands-on room to make our own water colour paintings.

Painting With Water Colours at the Art Museum

Later, our paintings will be displayed near the front of the museum for EVERYONE to see who comes for a visit.

One of the big surprises for the students was the size of the bus we used (much smaller than one they had been on before). Some of the students asked for a picture of it to be put onto our blog, so here it is!

The Bus