Racing Sphero “Cars”

On the last day of school, each student used a paper cup to make his or her own “car”.


The cars were of lots of different makes and models. Some even included windshields.


Then the real fun began! The students used our Sphero robot to power the cars and raced the cars down a track they had created. Some cars couldn’t quite keep up with the speedy Sphero, but no one cared. As you can hear below, it was a lot of FUN.

Programming the Bee-Bot

Look at us learning to code our Bee-Bot! The students worked in groups to lay out a sequence of commands that would get the robot to a pre-determined square. Look to see all the different ways the groups of children tried to get the Bee-Bot to the same place. There was lots of trial and error learning and eventually the students discovered that there were many ways to accomplish the same task.



Trying the Ozobot

The latest robot to enter our classroom is the Ozobot. This robot is programmed by using black lines and various colour combinations. The students all tried their hand at creating paths for the Ozobot to follow. Once the designs were made, it was time to check to see if Ozobot would follow the path they had created. Sometimes, a redesign was needed. Check out some of the creative paths the students designed!