Mystery Number Skype

To help practice our numbers, we played a game of mystery number Skype with a K/1 class in Denver. We were both able to guess the other class’s number by asking great questions like “Is it more than…”, “Is it less than…” and “If we counted by 5’s would we say the number?” They asked some great questions that we are going to use on another Skype call next week.
We also had time to ask some questions. They wondered if it was snowing in Moose Jaw and we wondered why they only have eight students in their class.


One thought on “Mystery Number Skype

  1. Wow that looks like fun for the kids. I really like how you used skype to let your class learn with other kids their age! I can tell by the picture that this game has the whole class engaged. I think that using technology in this manner can add to the way we teach kids in the future.

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