A Bird, A Bus and the A Sound

This week we have been learning the different ways to make an “a” say its name. We did a word sort and made lists and drew pictures.


Then, we made videos to show how much we had learned. Check the students’ blogs to see these creations about The A Sound. These girls were able to (mostly) work on this project despite being squished together.


At the literacy evening this week, the students got a chance to see and touch a peregrine falcon, thanks to Larry Going who was good enough to bring his in for us.


Interestingly, this bus also appeared in our classroom one day while the students were working…


Writing Directions

We have been working on procedural or “how to do something” writing. Each student chose to write how to do something that he or she knew how to do well. These ranged from how to make chocolate chip cookies to how to make a friend. Check out the students blogs to see their descriptions.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 11.17.46 AM

My Reading Buddy Lives Far Away!

This week, we started reading with our buddies in Ms Lirenman’s class in Surrey, B.C. The Elephant and Piggie books are popular in both classrooms so Mrs. Cassidy and Ms. Lirenman had a chat to find out which books both classrooms have. The students have chosen which books they would like to read with their buddies and have been practicing on their own. A couple of times each week, some students will get to read with their buddies!


Watch Us Read!

This is one of my favourite times of the school year, as students begin to realize that they can read themselves all or at least part of those library books they have been signing out for their parents to read to them. It’s so exciting for me as a teacher and for the students as well.




Skyping with Pittsburgh

Today we got to chat with some students in a school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There were lots of things that were different where they live, but we thought of lots of things that were the same as us as well! They were studying Canada, so they had questions first…


and then it was our turn…


Nothing like kids learning from other kids.