Racing Sphero “Cars”

On the last day of school, each student used a paper cup to make his or her own “car”.


The cars were of lots of different makes and models. Some even included windshields.


Then the real fun began! The students used our Sphero robot to power the cars and raced the cars down a track they had created. Some cars couldn’t quite keep up with the speedy Sphero, but no one cared. As you can hear below, it was a lot of FUN.

Our Butterflies are Free

After watching our tiny caterpillars eat and grow and eat and grow, they finally each made their own chrysalis. Then we waited impatiently. This last week, much to the students delight, they emerged. When we released them, some of the butterflies cooperated and perched on students’ hands before flying away!






After weeks of patient waiting, the students at last got a chance to watch an egg wiggle and roll as the chick inside tried to free itself, and then see the magical moment when it burst from the egg. Since we did not have a good hatch, Mr. Silversides loaned us some of his chicks for a chance to get acquainted before they are given to the Wildlife Federation to raise and release into the wild. So much excitement!







The Eggs Arrived!

After what seemed like a very long wait, the pheasant eggs arrived for our incubator. For the next 23 days we will stand in for a mother pheasant, keeping the incubator warm and moist and turning the eggs several times each day. The x’s and o’s on the eggs are to help us be sure we turn all of the eggs each time.


Skyping with Pittsburgh

Today we got to chat with some students in a school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There were lots of things that were different where they live, but we thought of lots of things that were the same as us as well! They were studying Canada, so they had questions first…


and then it was our turn…


Nothing like kids learning from other kids.

Celebrating Hanukkah

This week we are learning about celebrations. We’ve discovered that some of our celebrations are the same as others in our class and some are different. After we read a story about Hanukkah (which NONE of us celebrate), we tried potato pancakes. Almost all of the students gave them a thumbs up.


Later, we Skyped with Ms Lirenman’s class in Surrey who taught us a lot about Hanukkah, including the dreidel.


They lit a menorah for us to see. We wondered why the candle flame looked like this. Do you know?