Clay Santas and the Christmas Store

Just look at the terrific clay Santa ornaments we made at the Art Museum! Next week, after they have been fired, we’ll paint them so we can take them home for Christmas.


Today was also the annual Christmas Store. For 50 cents, the students could purchase new or gently used gifts for each of their family members. What a thrill for the students to be able to purchase their gifts themselves and to get them wrapped to take home for Christmas.



This week we read and looked at the pictures in several books with snowy themes. We took notice of the colours that the artists used. Then, it was our turn. We mixed and swirled paint to make it look like snow, squeezed glue all over it and then sprinkled Epsom Salt on TOP to make it sparkle. Come see them all in the hallway by our classroom!



The Mask Messenger

This week we had Chris Sigurdson at our school to present “The Mask Messenger”. He used many different masks to create characters and showed us how he used his body and his words to create a character.  Here are two of his characters. It was a great introduction to the drama we will be doing this year.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.13.15 AM


FullSizeRender (29)

Making Advent Calendars

How many days until Christmas? My students can all tell you!

Today we made Advent calendars that we could take home to count those oh so important days. First, we cut out and decorated the Christmas trees…


Then we made patterns out of twenty-four coloured paper strips. We wrote the numbers (grade one) or the ordinals (grade 2) on the strips and then made them into chains.


Here’s our finished product. We’re going to take off one link every night until Christmas.


Making Shapes

This week we made paintings that took us several days to complete. First we used painter’s tape to make shapes. Then, we painted those shapes different colours.



When they were dry, we pulled off the tape. I heard shouts of delight all over the classroom as the students revealed their gorgeous paintings.


Each student’s painting is on his or her blog, but here is one final product as a teaser.