Releasing the Butterflies

After watching the caterpillars grow and make their cocoons, we waited what seemed liked a very long time and finally all of the butterflies emerged. When the time came to let them go, all of the students read aloud a letter they had written to the butterflies.
Most of the butterflies were very cooperative and stayed around long enough for everyone to have at least one turn to hold them. I got pictures of as many of these wonderful moments as I could!










5 thoughts on “Releasing the Butterflies

  1. Hello My name is Sarina.
    I come fro Melbourne.
    The school that I go to is St Charles Borromeo.
    I would like to say that it is really nice of you to care about our beautiful butterflies in this world and that this blog is such an amazing blog.

  2. Hello, I am a Grade One teacher from Guelph Ontario. What wonderful caretakers of nature you are! I would like to do this with my class next year. Thanks for taking such good care of the caterpillars\butterflies!

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