All About Moose Jaw

Our class is part of the pilot project for a wonderful initiative called A Kid’s Guide to Canada. It’s about kids digitally telling the story of where they live for Canada’s 150th birthday next year. The students chose the important things in our community themselves, took many of the pictures, dictated the text and recorded their thoughts and opinions. It’s so interesting to see what six year olds think are the important parts of their lives.
This project will be open for all Canadian classes beginning in January.

7 thoughts on “All About Moose Jaw

  1. Thank you for letting us borrow Ms. Cassidy today! She was very helpful. We learned all about your classroom and what you are doing with technology! Sounds so cool! Thanks for sharing your classroom and your teacher! 🙂

  2. Thank you kids for introducing Moosejaw to the children right across Canada! You’ve done an awesome job! I love your photographs and your captions, and your voices were so clear that everything you said was so easy to hear and understand. I hope other Grade 1 kids across Canada will see what you have created, and they will teach you about THEIR communities too. Congratulations for a job so well done!

  3. Thank you for sharing your informative project about Moose Jaw. Nice to see such a great representation of using Book Creator.

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