Can You Guess…What We’ll Be For Halloween?

As part of the representing strand in our language arts curriculum, we represented what we would be for Halloween with our bodies for our friends to guess. Can YOU guess what we’ll be?

3 thoughts on “Can You Guess…What We’ll Be For Halloween?

  1. Mrs. Cassidy, I just love watching your students act out their halloween costumes. It’s a good thing I could hear their bright guesses too. I bet my students would love to do this too. Mrs. Cassidy’s class thank you so much for sharing your great ideas with my grade one class in Surrey, BC Canada. 🙂 We’ll have to meet again soon. Maybe we can act out some of our costumes for you guys? Just an idea.

  2. Eldon likes your video. Lucas wants to know when you made it. Kaleb wishes he could see you do this drama. Roc noticed that you have way more visitors than us. We have over 1000 visitors but you have over 2600 visitors. We like visiting your class. From Division 18

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