100 Days Of School!

On the 100th day of school we had fun counting to 100 by fives with stickers and counting 100 snacks by tens.



We also showed off our collections of 100 things and put together puzzles with 100 pieces.



We also squeezed in time to do some watercolour painting at the Art Museum.



3 thoughts on “100 Days Of School!

  1. Hi! I’m a student at Brandon University and will soon be a teacher. Counting to 100 must have been a lot of work, because it’s a really big number! Great job!! You seem to have had a lot of fun counting stickers and snacks (hopefully you got to eat the snacks afterwards 🙂 ). With 100 days of school over, the school year is half way over! Good luck with the rest of the year! 🙂

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