Math by Myself

The students have been so successful with building their stamina in Read to Self that we are now working on learning to be independent in doing Math by Myself. The students are genuinely proud of the progress they are making in learning to do this on their own!




2 thoughts on “Math by Myself

  1. I love the concept of combing the “Reading to Self” with the math and making it “Math By Myself”. What kinds of activities do you do with the students that allows them to do problems at different parts in the room?

    • Krista, at this point we have just started, so as we are practicing building stamina we are working on reviewing skills. I have made binders with plastic sleeves inside that have various individual games. Each student also has a couple of dice in their box, unifix cubes for patterning, bingo chips for using with addition and ten frames as well as a washable marker and an eraser.They also have a deck of cards. This week we will also begin to add apps that help to practice skills.

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