Lego Challenges

This past week we participated in four Lego Challenges.

The first challenge was for students to make their name with Lego. There were lots of ways the students chose to do this. You can see all of their tweeted names here.




The second challenge was to create the largest Lego boat possible that would float and not tip over. Testing the boats was the BEST part of this challenge. Again, there are pictures and tweets from all of the students about their creation here.



The next day, Lego Challenge 3 was to design part of the ideal playground. Look closely and you’ll see a urinal. What would a playground be without it?

20150627-192140.jpgLego Challenge 4 was to design something using only one colour of blocks. The variety was impressive.




Lots of fun, cooperation and hands on learning.

Lego Challenge

What could you make from 20 pieces of Lego? That was the challenge for the children. Each child received a bag with 20 assorted Lego pieces. No two bags were the same and the challenge was to create something from only those pieces. Children who had hoped to make a car or a house had to reconsider when they took their pieces out of their bags. They all rose to the challenge, though, and created something unique to describe to their classmates.

Here are some of the students hard at work…


And here are some of the finished products…