This week we read and looked at the pictures in several books with snowy themes. We took notice of the colours that the artists used. Then, it was our turn. We mixed and swirled paint to make it look like snow, squeezed glue all over it and then sprinkled Epsom Salt on TOP to make it sparkle. Come see them all in the hallway by our classroom!



5 thoughts on “Snowscapes

  1. Love the snowstorm pictures, but where is the real snow? We can’t go tobogganing on a picture! Do you think you guys could make some real snow?

  2. Dear Ms. Cassidy’s class,

    I think it is really cool how you made pictures of snowstorms. They look really good and I think it is great that you made them. Can you please make a video showing how to do it?


  3. Dear Ms Cassidy,

    I think the snowscapes are really cool. I think it would be even better if you told me how to do it. It is a really cool project, I wish I could be in your class to do the project.

    – Ben

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