Student-Led Conferences

This week it has been a pleasure to watch the students share their learning and their goals with their parents. I can’t wait to see the progress they will make by our next student-led conferences!

Miss Chomey, who is interning in our class this fall, helped one of the students to lead his conference which gave me an opportunity to take a picture!


2 thoughts on “Student-Led Conferences

  1. I love the idea of having student-led conferences. What a wonderful way to encourage students to set goals and practice effective communication. Thanks for sharing this! Are the students excited or nervous to share their goals? How have parents reacted to this?

    • Like parents everywhere, the parents of my students love seeing their children be the center of attention sharing their learning. Obviously, being this conference leader is easier for some students than for others, especially the first time. By the spring conference, I am always amazed at the confidence that the students have gained and how comfortable they are in sharing their learning and goals.

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