Meeting Emmy

Today we got to meet Emmy Barr! She came to our classroom and told us about what school was like for her and about making caramel. She even told us some of the ingredients in her grandma’s super secret caramel recipe. And she brought treats! Each of the children got a piece of caramel, a caramel covered apple and, to make sure those treats didn’t hurt their teeth, a toothbrush!


Before Emmy left, she gots lots of good by hugs from a class of happy children.


Helping Emmy

Our class has become enthralled with supporting Emmy Barr, a young person with Williams Syndrome, in her quest to improve her caramel business. If you would like to help us to support Emmy, you can vote for her here every day until February 17th.

This is Emmy’s video.

The students first used a QR code to navigate to the website, and then made a bookmark so that they could easily go back to the webpage each day.


The students composed an email to the other teachers in the school to ask for their support, and then borrowed iPads from other classes to vote on. Those devices as well.

Today, they planned and made posters and put them up around the school to encourage the older students who have cell phones to vote as well.