Making Robots

After what seemed like many days of waiting, it was finally time to make our robots. The learning was messy (as it often is), but so much fun! The students had great ideas about what their robots could do and worked hard to make their visions work. Check their individual blogs on the right to see their final products and to hear them describe what their robot can do.









4 thoughts on “Making Robots

  1. Ms. Cassidy,

    I really enjoy your blog! I am currently in college working on my degree for early childhood. One of my professors wants us to follow an education blog. You have really creative ideas on getting your students involved in their learning process. I cannot wait to see more posts!

  2. Dear Ms. Cassidy,

    Making robots must have been really fun. I wish I was there when you made them. How did the robots turn out after all the hard work your students put in to them? Did every student do their own or did they work in pairs? The robots must have been fun for everyone.

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