Snow Clothes Challenge

Putting on snow clothes is a time-consuming process, but my students have been getting faster. Today we made a video to show how fast we are.

How fast are YOU? We’d love for you to show us. You can post your video on this Padlet so that everyone can see how fast you are, too!

7 thoughts on “Snow Clothes Challenge

  1. We are a gr. 3 class at a charter school in Calgary. We have been tryng for days to beat your record and we haven’t been able to. We did post our best on your padlet though. You guys rock!!

    • Thank you for that comment. We watched your video. You were very fast. We think you weren’t as fast because you had to put stuff away and get your clothes out of your lockers. Good job.

  2. We like your idea of the snow clothing challenge. You guys are really fast at putting on your snow clothes. We really enjoyed your video. We don’t have snow clothes at school today. Maybe one day we will bring our snow clothes (those of us that have snow clothes) to school and do the challenge too.

  3. Hello Ms. Cassidy’s Class!

    We are Ms. Eaton’s class from Boston, Massachusetts and we love your blog! We found it on a lucky search of other first grade websites and have been looking at it as we start our own website and personal blogs. Today we noticed your Snow Clothes Challenge and we accepted! Only 4 seconds shy of your super fast time! We would love to continue to keep in touch with you. Do you have any favorite things to blog about? Keep in touch!

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