Learning with Green Screens

We’ve just completed our First Nations learning and to sum up what he or she knows, each child made a video which is now posted on their blog. Check them out and leave a comment!

Using a Green Screen

We also had fun using a green screen and pictures from Discovery Education to make the video below.

4 thoughts on “Learning with Green Screens

  1. Wow! I am so impressed with the final product! It was so much fun to be in your class on the day that this was filmed. I also learned so much about first nations people from this video. Did you know that my class will be creating a special video using a green screen too? We can’t tell you yet, but know I learned a lot about how to do this from the one day I spent with you. Well done everyone!

  2. Your video is great! Very professional looking. You have inspired me to create a video of my own someday. Maybe I can add it to my own blog, which I also decided to start after seeing yours. Keep up the great work!

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