The Science Centre Visits Us

We didn’t have to go to the Science Centre…they came to see us! We got to see and do lots of cool science things, including using our sense of taste,


using our sense of smell


and finding out how the world looks to animals.




Did you know that an elephant has to look sideways to see what is in front of it? Or that a dog sees Colours differently than we do?


This week, on the first day of fall, we drew a line on the Tarmac to show where the shadow from the school was at lunchtime. We wonder of the shadow will be in the same place all year…


They Hatched!

For twenty-three days we have been faithfully turning the pheasant eggs in our classroom.

Turning Pheasant Eggs

Today at long last some of the chicks emerged from their eggs. Two had been born over night, so they were already nice and fluffy and perfect for holding. As if on cue, one of the eggs hatched before our eyes. A powerful day of learning!

Baby Pheasant

Baby Pheasants

Baby Pheasants