Two Skype Calls

We “chatted” via Skype with two different classes this week. The first was with Mrs. Elder’s grade one/two class in Coronach. We chatted to find out what strategies the other class had used to solve the problems we gave them and to tell them how we solved the one they gave us.

Skype with Ms Elder's Class

The second call was with Ms. Lirenman’s class in Surrey, B. C. Four of my students and four of hers acted out their Halloween costumes for the other class to guess. Then, each class got to ask two questions about things that they wondered about the other class.

Skype with Ms Lirenman's Class

Solving Someone Else’s Problems

Yesterday the students made up math problems for the grade one and two students in Mrs. Elder’s class in Coronach. We read the problems to them on Skype.

Today, we worked on solving the problems they sent to us.

We can’t. Wait to talk to them about the answers!