Looking for Shapes

This week we have been documenting the 2D and 3D shapes we have found in our classroom and around the school. You can find a record of each child’s learning about shapes on his or her blog. The student’s blog are all linked on the right hand side.

Taking Pictures of Shapes

Finding 3D Shapes

Taking pictures of Shapes

We’re Wondering…

Monday will be our 100th day of school. It is a day we have been anticipating all year. The students have made a list of things they wonder about the number one hundred.

Our Wonders for 100 Day

When we talked about our list today, it occurred to us that we could answer the last question using the other things we had thought of (or most of them–I don’t think the Slurpie thing will happen).

Here is our plan. We are all going to bring one hundred of something to school. We’ll compare the things we bring and take pictures of them. Then, we’ll tweet each of the the pictures with the hashtag #100storiesof100. As we work our way through the big list we made, each thing we count, each activity and each number sentence we write about 100 will become a “story of 100” and we will tweet it out using the #100storiesof100 hashtag. Later, I’ll grab all of the tweets with that hashtag together in a Storify.

We don’t think we can make one hundred stories by ourselves, so we hope others will join us on February 11th and tweet some “stories” about 100. There are an infinite number of things that could be a story of 100. We wonder what your stories of 100 would be. We can’t wait to see.

Two Skype Calls

We “chatted” via Skype with two different classes this week. The first was with Mrs. Elder’s grade one/two class in Coronach. We chatted to find out what strategies the other class had used to solve the problems we gave them and to tell them how we solved the one they gave us.

Skype with Ms Elder's Class

The second call was with Ms. Lirenman’s class in Surrey, B. C. Four of my students and four of hers acted out their Halloween costumes for the other class to guess. Then, each class got to ask two questions about things that they wondered about the other class.

Skype with Ms Lirenman's Class

Solving Someone Else’s Problems

Yesterday the students made up math problems for the grade one and two students in Mrs. Elder’s class in Coronach. We read the problems to them on Skype.

Today, we worked on solving the problems they sent to us.

We can’t. Wait to talk to them about the answers!