Pink Day

Our school celebrated Pink Day with a visit from Spencer Moore, a member of the Roughriders. He talked to us about bullying. We also got to see his Grey Cup ring!


Reading to Others

In our classroom, we read to each other, to our reading buddies and to Mrs. Cassidy. This week, we got the chance to read to Rebecca, who is learning how to be a teacher as well. You can never have too much reading practice in grade one.




Making Connections with Books

One of the skills we have been working on is making connections. (Not just the virtual kind!) The students make a connection (or find a similarity) between what they have heard or read in a book and an event, feeling, character etc. in their own lives.

Recently we read the book The Berenstain Bears and the Sitter. The students all felt some kind of connection to this book and have shared this connection with you through a picture and recording on their blog.

We Can Add!

We’re coming to the end of our current addition and subtraction unit. Check the students’ blogs for a screencast they have created of an addition story.


The Heritage Fair

We learned a lot of interesting stuff at the heritage fair! The grade six students really know a lot of things and were willing to patiently answer our questions. This display caught the eyes of most of the students because we have begun our First Nation inquiry and because it was offering samples of bannock.

Learning from Grade Six