Wednesday Was a Big Day!

Did you know that Wednesday was Back to the Future Day? Several of the students dressed up for the day.


Some of the staff looked pretty terrificĀ as well…

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 7.55.32 PM


Photo by Pat Acker

Our school has been collecting food for the food bank. Together we collected over 700 pounds! After a group picture, we all helped to pass it down the line to the waiting trailer. You can see the joy the students had in helping in this way. The generosity of our school community never ceases to impress me.



Duct Tape

Every year, our school participates in Jump Rope for Heart.
This year, Mr Silversides challenged the students to raise $7000, more money than they ever had before. He promised that if they did, he and Mr Paice would allow themselves to be taped to the wall by the students.
The students not only met that goal, the exceeded it! Together, the students from our school raised a total of $7800!!
The students shrieked with delight as the two teachers were taped to the wall.


Tornado Hunter

We had one of the Tornado Hunters at our school! Chris Chittick, who lives in Regina, came to talk to us the day before he left with his team to go film tornados for the new season. He showed us lots of great video of tornados and told us about how they form and how to be safe if a tornado ever came here.


We Were Wondering…

Have you ever wondered how many marshmallow shapes there are in a box of Lucky Charms? We did. So we counted and sorted them to find out.


The grade twos helped out with some very tricky double digit addition and we discovered that there were 457 marshmallow shapes in our box, but we speculated that not all boxes would have the same number.


Later, we painted shamrocks, but the best part was when we FINALLY found where that tricky leprechaun had been hiding his gold.