The children are having a blast skating! I’ve been impressed by how hard they are trying and by how uncomplaining they are about sore feet and falling down. Just look at these smiles.

Run, Run, Run

Getting lots of physical exercise is so important for young children. It helps them to focus and to do better in all the academic things we do at school. These photos are from a recent game of sit tag that we played in the gym.



A Fire Truck Up Close

There was no fire, but a fire truck came to Westmount School and the students all had a look. Mrs. Cassidy was away when the truck came, so some of the students took their iPads outside to take photos. These images are posted with the permission of the photographers.

photo (23)Photo by Allie

photo (22)Photo by Elyzsa

photo (21) Photo by Mrs. Tolley

Finding GREAT Foods


This week we checked our lunch boxes. We found some food that was not so good, some food that was better and some that was GREAT for our bodies. The picture above shows what the children found that they felt fell into the “great” category.