Meeting a Class in Surrey

This morning we met a class of students in Surrey via Skype. We had lots of questions for them as did they for us. We discovered a lot of ways their class is like ours and some ways that it is very different. The students loved this opportunity to see into another classroom. As soon as the call was over I had to field a chorus of “Can we do that again”? Of course we can!


My Reading Buddy Lives Far Away!

This week, we started reading with our buddies in Ms Lirenman’s class in Surrey, B.C. The Elephant and Piggie books are popular in both classrooms so Mrs. Cassidy and Ms. Lirenman had a chat to find out which books both classrooms have. The students have chosen which books they would like to read with their buddies and have been practicing on their own. A couple of times each week, some students will get to read with their buddies!


The 2016 Snow Clothes Challenge

For the last several years, my class has been challenging themselves (and anyone else who wants to try) to see how fast they can put on their snow clothes. It always amazes me the way my students, who normally take at least 10 minutes to all get ready, turn on the speed when they see a camera.
Are you fast at putting on your snow clothes? Check out our video below, make one of your own and let us know where we can see it! You can also add your video to this padlet.
The challenge is on!

Skyping with Pittsburgh

Today we got to chat with some students in a school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There were lots of things that were different where they live, but we thought of lots of things that were the same as us as well! They were studying Canada, so they had questions first…


and then it was our turn…


Nothing like kids learning from other kids.

The Global Read Aloud

For the past couple of weeks, our class has been involved in the Global Read Aloud. This year, the picture book author we are studying is Amy Krause Rosenthal. Classes all over the world are using the same book.
Last week, the book we talked about was called Chopsticks. It inspired us to see how many thing we could do with one chopstick or with two. Drumming was an obvious and very popular choice.


The students took their chopsticks home to see what else they could find to do with them.
This week, the book we read was Duck! Rabbit!

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 7.46.13 PM

We talked about clouds and the shapes we have seen in them. Then, we made our own pictures based on Ms. Rosethal’s book.




We also had a Skype call with Ms Lirenman’s class in Surrey to show them our pictures and to talk about the book.



Guess Our Number!

Our class has been playing Guess Our Number with Mr. Greg’s class in Vietnam via Twitter. Every day, we have been asking questions that can be answered with a yes or no answer to try to narrow down what the other class’s number is.


Today they guessed our number and we think we know what their number is too!


My Pot of Gold

On St. Patrick’s Day, after reading a book about some things that were more important than a pot of gold, we discussed what our “pot of gold” would be. Later, the children tweeted about #mypotofgold. I have embedded the tweets below. You’ll have to click through to see the tweets from our class (they are at the end) as others saw our hashtag and got involved. I have deleted a few tweets that were not primary friendly.