The 2016 Snow Clothes Challenge

For the last several years, my class has been challenging themselves (and anyone else who wants to try) to see how fast they can put on their snow clothes. It always amazes me the way my students, who normally take at least 10 minutes to all get ready, turn on the speed when they see a camera.
Are you fast at putting on your snow clothes? Check out our video below, make one of your own and let us know where we can see it! You can also add your video to this padlet.
The challenge is on!

8 thoughts on “The 2016 Snow Clothes Challenge

    • Everyone in our class wears clothes to keep them warm. Some kids don’t have to walk home so they don’t have snow pants. If you don’t have all of those things, you can still do our challenge!

  1. Wow!!! Way to go kids, you guys are super fast! I am pretty sure you would all beat me if I joined your challenge.

    Stay warm❄⛄

  2. We are 21 kids in second grade from Ottawa, Ontario. We are up for your Snow Clothes Challenges. Follow us on Twitter! @elevesfranco2
    I showed your video today. My kids are very eager to try tomorrow. You are good! We hope to be able as good as you!
    Mme Chantal

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