Duct Tape

Every year, our school participates in Jump Rope for Heart.
This year, Mr Silversides challenged the students to raise $7000, more money than they ever had before. He promised that if they did, he and Mr Paice would allow themselves to be taped to the wall by the students.
The students not only met that goal, the exceeded it! Together, the students from our school raised a total of $7800!!
The students shrieked with delight as the two teachers were taped to the wall.


2 thoughts on “Duct Tape

    • Hi Ridley,
      Jump Rope for Heart is a fundraiser for the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation. Children collect pledges and then skip for a couple of hours. All the money raised goes to help people have healthier hearts. And yes, the students did raise $7800. We have a very generous community.

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