The Winter Carnival

The Winter Carnival was a special activity that involved all of the children in the school grouped into multi grade teams. The teams moved through eight stations with enticing activities at each stop. Since Mrs Cassidy was in charge of the “Decorate a Cupcake to Look like a Snowman” station, that is the only station that we have pictures for, but the students assured me that they enjoyed all of the stations. Clearly the cupcakes were engrossing!





6 thoughts on “The Winter Carnival

  1. hey ms.Cassidy’s class!
    I’m Julia and I thought that making snowman cupcakes is great addition to the Winter Carnival! At my school we also celebrate the Winter Carnival and do some fun activities but sadly it’s only for primary grades but we get to help out. some of the activities are:
    1. bowling
    2. we get a break for some hot choclate and cookies
    3. In the library we do some obstacle courses
    We do much more too. What are some things you do for celebrating your Winter Carnival?
    Hope you had an awesome celebrating!


  2. Dear Ms. Cassidy’s class,
    Hi my name is Kendra I love that idea of making a cupcake to look like a snowman its a great activity for the carnival. I wish that I could be there to decorate and eat them with you guys they sound so yummy!!! At our school we are doing the Carnival de Quebec!! some activities we do are bowling inside we get a break and have some hot chocolate and a cookie and go into are library and do some obstacle courses and so much more!! In French right now we are doing a unit on the carnival de Quebec its a lot of fun!!!!!
    Hope you are enjoying your winter so far!!!

  3. Ms. Cassidy,

    The Winter Carnival seems like a very creative event! I think that it was great for the children to be placed in multi grade teams. This gave them all an opportunity to meet new students, make new friends, and escape from their comfort zones. The “Decorate a Cupcake to Look Like a Snowman” station looked like it was a winner! I love the picture of the girl with frosting all over her mouth. I know that is what I would have done with my cupcake too!

  4. I really love this idea! I am a new blogger and an elementary education students and I love looking at ideas that I can eventually bring to the classroom! I took a look at your blog and I love it! I am a new follower for sure! 🙂

  5. This winter carnival looks so fun! Thank you so much for Skyping with me. I really enjoyed meeting you, and I will continue following you and all your adventures!!

  6. Dear Ms. Cassidy’s class,

    Those look delicious! Your class did a wonderful job on decorating those cupcakes! Do you do that every year? You can check my blog out at if you like.


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