Family Literacy Day

For Family Literacy day this year, our school hosted a “Breakfast and Books” morning. Yummy pancakes made by our administrators and school community council followed by a chance to read without parents at school. Here are some of the sightings.





3 thoughts on “Family Literacy Day

  1. Ms. Cassidy, I love how the kids were encouraged with this opportunity to read! What a great program to promote reading for the children. I would love to do this in my classroom one day and hopefully get the administration and other classes involved. It warms my heart to see how happy the children look to be reading to their parents.

  2. Hi Ms. Cassidy’s Class! Let me introduce myself real quick. My name is Josh and my mom is a retired elementary school teacher currently working on writing a children’s book series. I am helping her to build an online presence and we’re both learning together how to do everything from websites to Facebook to Youtube videos (we’ve yet to start a twitter account). I’ll try to keep this simple. 1.) I love what you’re doing (this goes for Ms. Cassidy and the whole class), the idea of mixing technology more and more into your classrooms is a great lesson for both teacher and student and will benefit future generations I think. 2.) A family literacy day is a great idea, we fully agree with the importance of literacy and what a difference it can make in a person’s life and giving them options to improve their life, that’s why my mom started writing children’s books in the first place and why I fully support her. 3.) I’d like to suggest the idea of working together. I could offer a few ideas but if the class has any suggestions I’d love to hear your ideas too. A couple things I’d suggest are: A.) Maybe the class would be interested in reading one of our books as an eBook (we have the first two published as eBooks and we’d be happy to send you a free copy if we can figure out how) and you could either read it as a youtube video or read it to yourselves as a book review and offer us a review. B.) We also do something called “listening walk” videos where we promote the idea of getting involved in your community and the nature around you through pictures and video and showing people the world you live in (maybe every student could submit one picture and we could make a video? — We have to example videos up on our Youtube page). Well, I would love to hear back from you but I understand how busy a teacher and a class can be and don’t worry if your schedule is already full with other stuff. Either way, what you’re doing is great and keep on doing it! If you’d like to check us out more here are a few places you can find us and our email.
    From: Josh, son of Shirley, the author of The Pelican Family Series.

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