Christmas Boxes for Far Away

Our school community contains some of the most generous people I know. Year after year, they give towards all of the charities and projects the school sponsors. Thank you, Westmount!

All of the classes in the school participated in Operation Christmas Child, so when the time came to deliver the boxes to the waiting ambulance for transport, all the students chipped in to get them there.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Boxes for Far Away

  1. Hi Mrs. Cassidy’s class! We are the grade two Secret Agent classroom at the Carlyle Elementary School in Carlyle. “It was very impressive that you got so many boxes!” (Secret Agent #18). “I liked seeing everyone lined up!” (Secret Agent #5). “You are very nice.” (Secret Agent #10). “I loved that you got 90 boxes.” (Secret Agent #2). “I think that was a really big line up.” (Secret Agent #6). “That was a very nice idea to do! (Secret Agent #12). “When did you get the idea to get the boxes? (Secret Agent #9). “How many kids are in your school? (Secret Agent #4). “What is in the boxes?” (Secret Agent #14). “Where is the ambulance taking the boxes?” (Secret Agent #8). Keep up the great work! We are excited to hear from you!

  2. Opps! I just noticed that I was logged under my personal blog account when my classroom posted on your blog post. Your school did a fantastic job! I really enjoyed watching the video and seeing everyone’s happy faces! You all should be very proud of helping others! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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