The Comfy Couch

This is a VERY popular place to work in our classroom, but it is in especially high demand during reading time.


6 thoughts on “The Comfy Couch

  1. I am a pre-service teacher. How do you manage who gets to read on the comfy couch? I would imagine that every student would like to read on it.

    • I have never had to make “rules” about who gets a turn. It is popular, but some students prefer to sit in other spots in our classroom, or to kneel at the coffe table etc. I try to provide lots of different options for where to work, so that everyone can find a place that they are comfortable in.

  2. Dear Ms. Cassidy’s class,
    We wish that we could have a comfy couch in our class room to work and read on. It looks like it is really relaxing! Do you have a class chart of who gets to sit on the couch each week or day?
    From: Madison and Emma

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