Snow Clothes Challengers

It didn’t take long for some people to take us up on our snow clothes challenge. Check out these great videos we were sent today.

First, from Kansas.

Then, from Coronach, SK:

And then two classes from Ontario:

Any more classes willing to take the challenge?

4 thoughts on “Snow Clothes Challengers

  1. Wow, I’m really sad that we don’t really have snow clothing out in Surrey, BC so we can’t take part in this challenge. If we did have snow clothing we would do this for sure! I love watching all these videos. I’ll have to be sure to show my students on Monday too. Ms. Cassidy’s class you are so bright so come up with this challenge. Ms. Lirenman 🙂

  2. Thank you for coming up with this great challenge. We had a lot of fun trying to beat your time. It usually takes us 10-15 minutes to get ready to go outside. We think our 2 minutes and 40 seconds was a great improvement. How fast do you think you can get ready including putting on your boots? We are going to continue working on our time to make it faster. What are some of the strategies you used to get such a fast time?

    • Thank you for the video and for commenting. We don’t have our boots in our classroom–they are on a rack by the door to go outside. We think we could do it in less than two minutes. We will time ourselves and try. Here are the strategies that we used. We took our clothes and backpack off the hooks and put them on the floor. We put our ski pants on top because that’s what we start with first. We concentrated on how fast we could be and we didn’t talk. We kept our eyes on our clothes. We didn’t dress in the lockers because we can’t all fit. We wonder if you can get faster? We are going to try to get faster today.

  3. Bonjour la classe de Mme. Cassidy! Nous avons mis les bottes, les chapeaux, les pantalons de ski, les manteaux et les mitaines en 2:37. AprĂšs, nous avons fait Ă  l’envers! Nous sommes allĂ©s dehors, nous sommes entrĂ©s, et nous avons enlevĂ©s tous les vĂȘtements d’hiver en 1:55. Voici notre blog avec le vidĂ©o:
    Merci pour le bon activité.
    Hello Mrs. Cassidy’s class. We put on our boots, hats, pants, coats and mittens in 2:38. After, we did it backwards. We went outside, came in and took off all our snowclothes in 1:55. Here is our blog with the video:
    Thank you for the challenge!

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